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Ahmed Borham


Stephan Tesch

It was our first time as a customer at Autohaus S + K on the Randersweide. From the cost proposal to the repair, everything went very well. Nice, courteous and friendly, just as you would like to be treated as a customer ... - everything was fine. And our Kangoo got new wheel bearings at the front, and we were made aware of some other minor damage that should be repaired in the near future. We would love to come back ...

Oliver Eitel

Expensive and technically overwhelmed! My Renault Clio (Bj 2013) could not be started on 02/14/2021 and was brought to S + K in Bergedorf by the ADAC and, after consultation with the S + K employees, was parked in the yard. For a net € 44.55, my car was brought within reach of work. It took until 02/26/2021 until the error was found and corrected, multiple inquiries were necessary to be brought up to date. As an additional order, I asked for an update for my navigation system, checking the navigation unit was charged at € 19.80 net with the statement that the navigation system is broken and needs to be replaced! My Renault workshop, to which my Clio was and is always brought for maintenance, was able to install the update within a very short time ... for 0 €, as a free service. All the employees I had to deal with were friendly, but in my case it didn't help me!

Rüdiger Schütte

Good job ... done quickly in between ...

Ilka Schuett

New car Dacia Sandero Stepway bought at the end of 2019. Seller, Mr. Schestak, very accommodating. Unfortunately, after a sales talk, a phone call stating that the vehicle was registered with S + K. I am now the second owner. Not nice! Reception area very nice. Workshop ok. Warranty work should now be carried out. This was rejected after examination. REASON: Wear and tear! Mileage at the time was around 3,200. Now the workshop has changed. Since the vehicle is new, also an authorized workshop. Super Service !!! Warranty work carried out immediately. I have now found the right workshop in Ahrensburg. Addendum to your answer: Thank you for the answer and good wishes. As a correction, I would like to note that there was no equivalent new vehicle at the time. Regarding the warranty work, I turned to DACIA / Renault Germany, customer service. There I was advised to contact another authorized workshop with my concern. With success!

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