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Bewertungen von Google
Mario Kaufmann

I am extremely satisfied. Mr. Koch handled the case quickly and excellently. The advice was also very helpful. If something should happen to my vehicle again, then it will definitely go back here. I can only recommend. Thank you again for everything ??????

Marvin Braner

I got an appointment quickly and my request was taken care of quickly, very good service! I can only recommend.


Many thanks to the entire team for the quick help! After a mirror collision on my motorhome, I was able to find little damage, at an appointment at my home, the team discovered various other damage to the side wall due to splintered glass, which I would never have noticed myself! Thank you again!

Crash Profi

If, as a motor vehicle expert, you need an expert for your car yourself after an accident, then as a professional you are looking for a particularly qualified colleague. After my accident in Hamburg, I made a conscious decision to work with this colleague because I knew him from a seminar and appreciate his reliability. In any case, the way of working is modern. The report came very quickly. The report was very extensive and of high quality. I therefore warmly recommend Mr. Zamponi to others.

Tim Kahl

If you are looking for an expert, this is the right place for you! You will be welcomed here by a competent and always friendly expert. Everything was explained to me and above all my fear was relieved. If I need an expert again, I know where and who to call. Thanks for your support!

Anita Barnjak

I can only recommend! :-) I was hit from behind once when turning left and once from the front by someone when parking. The work here is super friendly, personable and professional. Thumbs up very clearly!

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