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Bewertungen von Google

Very good place to spend nice time together. It is suitable for a broad target group. It's very fun painting something yourself and seeing the result after a week. You might just want to have more detailed introduction with illustrative examples. Otherwise, top is! Thank you very much!

Cathy C.

It was a very nice stay that was a lot of fun. Creative painting is a great activity for young and old. I found the age mix that prevailed there great .. on the afternoon we were there, everything from 6.7 years to senior age was there :-) The staff, which was two, had a lot to do but tried very hard to help all guests and to be available with advice and action. Top! The small point deduction is only for the unfortunately very warm and bad air in the premises. I know, of course, that the stove, which is in a separate room at the back of the shop, radiates a lot of heat and the air is very stagnant with so many people in the rather small room, but that's why you should somehow try to bring in "fresh air". (Maybe with an air conditioner?) We sat at the front of the window where the sun was shining in and that meant I had real "sauna feelings" ? But this is probably only a problem in summer / warm autumn. In winter it will probably cool down a bit on its own. All in all, it was very nice & we are curious how our beautiful pieces will look ? (oh yes, for info: you leave your painted things there for about 6 days, they are glazed and then cured in the oven)


We were there for the company outing and it was so fun. I can absolutely recommend it!

L. Schmitz

There were two of us there on Saturday afternoon. It was fully booked, so you should reserve in advance. I don't think that you sometimes have to wait 5-10 minutes for your briefing, which is understandable when the store is buzzing. If you know your way around, you can of course get started right away. The staff was personable, helpful and tried very hard. Ceramic painting was new territory for us. The briefing was simple & understandable and the selection of "tools" and colors is large. We got inspiration online in advance and we were even offered to have the pictures printed out on site. Accordingly, I cannot understand the criticism that there was a lack of motives. If in doubt, just ask, you will certainly be helped ... :-) The prices are really reasonable and from ceramic figures to cups, bowls and butter dishes, there should be something for everyone. I think it's nice that it's really a job that brings joy to young and old alike. We had fun and are already looking forward to the finished pieces. Thanks a lot! :-)

Gerd Wie

Good advice, family atmosphere. Good price-performance ratio

Melanie Freitag

Great atmosphere, very cozy, nice selection and well explained. It was really fun and I'm looking forward to the result

netzelfen Franziska Goebel

An all-round successful event under expert guidance. I can only recommend!

Katharina Siemer

Sooooo schön da!!!

Danni Glasig

What a cute little shop, yo get creative and leave the world outside. It has almost a meditational value. Very nice staff, helpful if you have never painted before. and a big collection of things to choose from. In a little cafe atmosphere you can enjoy a drink, chat with your friend and get creative

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