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Steven Giehl

5 stars if I could do even more. Bought our wedding flowers there and have no regrets. Not only price performance is correct, but also advice and implementation of the wish. My clear recommendation!

Isabella Thomas

I have asked Mr. Oehlenschläger for contacted a delivery of a bouquet. In advance I sent him a package with a card and a jam as an addition to the bouquet for the recipient. Mr. Oehlenschläger informed me that the jam had unfortunately leaked due to the transport of the post and that he would clean it up and deliver it. After a short consultation via WhatsApp, I was allowed to admire the result of the bouquet - it was very beautiful! Big thank you again for implementing and delivering my greeting from afar with so much love and friendliness.

Sabrina Paetow

They totally messed up our wedding bouquet, 1. Was that not a bouquet of flowers but a sprinkle, it was much too small than ordered, then there were the wrong flowers in it, and last but not least, we ordered a large waterfall bouquet with blue roses in it, and we got an overpriced shoe closure with purple scrub in it! When asked about it, it only came from the good woman that the bouquet in the photo seemed too big to me! End of the story, we've been annoyed by that scrub crutch all day! Unfortunately there was no compensation either!


We purchase a large number of flowers and also bouquets from the company. We are always very satisfied. The quality of the products is great. I can only recommend the flower shop.

BadPort Hamburg

We regularly order orchids and also flowers. Price and performance ratio are perfect. Even special requests are implemented without any problems. We will continue to order in our regular store. There is absolutely nothing we can fault. Many of the flowers we have ordered are present for our regular customers or for large orders. So far there has only been positive feedback about the beautiful flowers. Another important thing to know is that the flowers and orchids can be kept for a long time. That only speaks for a good quality.

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