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Bewertungen von Google
Dr. Frauke Bohlmann

In my opinion absolutely not recommended. I have placed an order with this company for roller shutter electrification. After a few days (within the statutory period of 14 days for the cancellation of my order!) I have changed my mind and converted the order in the installation of an air conditioner from the same company. Thereupon I was told, you can convert the order only for a fee of about 1000 €! I then kindly pointed out what the German law on this subject looks like. Then I was told that I am no longer wanted as a customer. An incredible behavior for me and dubious in my view.

Franziska Ebertowski

Jerome Hartel

Attention attention !!! An offer is made that is not exactly cheap, but it sounds professional. The work is commissioned and at the end there is an invoice that is far higher than the offer. The additional costs were never discussed or commissioned! Lawyer! Lawyer laughs and says you are not the ONLY one at PK NORD.

Joachim Schroeder

Reliable, professional, fast and transparent ... and always friendly. I think it's great

Petra Wolff-Tietje

A very hardworking and flexible electrician

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